“Underground Traffic Blueprints” Reviewed

July 13th, 2010

Click the link below to see my HONEST, straight-up review of Underground Traffic Blueprints!


I Warned You About It First :-)

May 30th, 2010

Anyone who didn’t go out and buy CB Predators a month or so back will be happy they didn’t I would imagine.

Check out these comments and you’ll see why:


That’s the reason I started my IMIntegrity.com blog… I’m sick to death of seeing “marketers” promise the world and deliver absolutely nothing. I’m sure you’re sick of it too. It’s time to revolt!

How To Setup A “Review Style” WordPress Site

May 10th, 2010

In response to all the feedback that I received in my two previous posts, I have started a video series on how to setup a “review style” website using WordPress. The first video is available now from:


Hope this helps.


This REALLY Gets My Back Up! What Are Your Thoughts?

April 22nd, 2010

Maybe I’m having a “bad week” but some tactics people are using to make sales online these days are really starting to infuriate me.

The most recent event occurred when I purchased CBPredator. (Now before you jump up and down, I am definitely NOT recommending you purchase this product. See my post below for reasons on that. NOR am I here to target this one product – it’s happening every day with hundreds of products.)

But… I purchased it so I could see if it lived up to the “hype” before I made a decision as to whether I would tell you about it. (This is in stark contrast to many marketers who went ahead and promoted it via the “cookie cutter” emails without even taking the time to check out the actual product.)

I paid the full $67 pricepoint.

Later I was discussing this product with someone else and they told me that I could have got the exact same product for $10 less if I had only tried leaving the page before ordering!

This REALLY got my back up. Not only did the product not live up to the hype BUT now I had been charged $10 more than those who had procrastinated!

Even if the product was great, I would have felt a little hard done by. Whatever happened to looking after your loyal customers. Surely someone who makes a decision to buy immediately should be rewarded more than someone who deliberates (or at LEAST be treated the same?)

Yes – I know these scripts work for the product owner. They DEFINITELY DO bring in more sales I am sure. But what about the “goodwill” of the customer? How do you think they will feel about your sales tactics when they are charged more than everyone else?

To me, this is a poor marketing tactic that does not foster trust or goodwill amongst a good portion of your customers.

If you’re going to offer a discounted price – then give it to EVERYONE. Don’t charge the loyal people who buy straight away a higher price than those who mightn’t have bought if you didn’t give them a discount!

What are your thoughts? Please have your say in the poll below and also feel free to add any other comments you may have on the topic. Maybe I’m missing something here?

How do YOU feel about exit popups that offer you a discounted price for the same product as is being sold on the sales page?

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April 21st, 2010

This post is going to be controversial and I am sure there will be a lot of marketers who are not going to be happy with what I have to say here… but I’m going to say it all the same because I think it is something you need to hear.

Aren’t you getting a little tired of all the hyped up launches that are popping up in your inbox every day? What really gets MY back up is when the product is no good at all and yet every man and his dog is trying to get you to buy it – just so that they can make a “quick buck” at your expense.

Today was possibly the final straw for me. I woke up to find my inbox literally bombarded with promotional emails for a particular product that promised a pushbutton solution to making a ton of money online.

SIDENOTE AND QUICK RANT: I’m not going to mention the product by name [EDIT: After several requests and further reflection, I see no problem in naming the product which is in fact CB Preditor as many of you already guessed] but I am sure if you are on a number of marketers’ lists you will have been inundated with promo emails trying to convince you to buy it. It IS however worth noting how many of these marketers have churned out “cookie cutter” emails directly from the “promo tools” without even testing the product for themselves – all in a bid to rake in a bit of extra cash from you and the rest of their list. RANT OVER :-)

On the surface, this product sounded good but I was VERY skeptical and certainly didn’t want to tell my subscribers about it without having tested it myself. At the same time, I didn’t want to let my subscribers down by NOT telling them about a product that could change their lives for the better if it did all that was promised. (It is worth noting I will NEVER promote something I have not tried first hand myself.)

So, I decided to go ahead and order it myself so that I could see what it was REALLY like. I paid full price – just like you would have to do if you wanted to get it.

To say I was shocked by what I saw, is a gross understatement.

Unfortunately, it would appear that my initial skepticism was very much founded.

The product was not much more than a “souped up” version of Fantastico – something that you can get with all good hosting accounts. I won’t go into specifics about this particular product because it is just one of many I have seen promoted recently by a raft of “me too marketers” that really doesn’t live up to its claims.

There is another big problem with this particular product though. Just 4 hours after the launch I received an update saying that they had already sold 1000 units! Instantly I could see that even if the system DID work as it was portrayed, there was NO WAY it would work effectively for 1000 members, let alone the many more that have clambered on board since that update.

I’ve tested this product and am fairly certain that it will be difficult to make any decent money from it – certainly nowhere near the claims of the creators. My advice to you as a loyal subscriber and reader of our blog is that you don’t need it. You can do almost exactly the same thing with tools you probably already have or could get hold of extremely inexpensively.

What I really wanted to get across was that my credibility is worth more to me than making a few bucks. I do nicely enough as it is without having to rip off my loyal subscribers by trying to sell them something they don’t need or that won’t benefit them. I will ALWAYS give you straight-up, honest advice and won’t try to sell you things you don’t need. Please remember that.

Why is everyone looking for some sort of “magic bullet” anyhow? Are they afraid of a bit of hard work? My philosophy is that you don’t get anywhere in life without putting in the “hard yards” (unless of course you win the lottery – lol). I know I’ve had to work hard for what I have achieved and you should expect no different. We all have to make sacrifices to get where we want to be in life.

So – if you’re ready to put in a bit of effort, I have something for you :-)

If you want to build a solid business online, then all you need is a solid PLAN to follow. Nothing more. You need someone or SOMETHING that you can follow and see gradual but significant results. I have such a plan for you and it won’t cost you a cent. If you follow it, you’ll be starting to make money online in no time at all. That I CAN promise.

Access My “100 Bucks A Day Blueprint” Here

This won’t cost you anything so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Oh … and I’m keen to hear your comments on this post. Please DO add them below. And remember: I COULD HAVE EASILY promoted this particular product (and many others released recently) and made thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars from those promotions… but I didn’t. There’s a very valid reason for that. :-)

Your friend in success,


Payment Plan Added! Marketing With Alex

April 14th, 2010

This news just “hot off the press”….

This is EXACTLY what many of you have been asking for -

Alex Jeffreys has announced a *Payment Plan* for his “Marketing With Alex” coaching program!

Not only that but…

Alex is also now giving the next 100 students their very own continuity program to keep 100% of the sales of a brand new product that he will create for you.

Crazy stuff.

PLUS if that wasn’t enough, we’ll still give you OUR bonus package too if you are within the next 10 to order through us.

Get full details on our bonus here:


Get full details of Alex’s coaching and order here:


Be quick because this really could be the very last chance to get in on this.

NOW there really are “no excuses”

Your friends in success,

Dave and Aaron

Help Us To Help You…

April 10th, 2010

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and wanted to get your take on a few things.

You see, we value your opinion and enjoy having you as a loyal subscriber. But at the same time, we want to make sure YOU can get “value” out of being a subscriber of ours.

Please take a few moments to complete the survey at the link below.


Once we have a better understanding of what you need, we’ll be able to do a better job of delivering it.

We promise to help as many of you as possible during the remainder of 2010, so please help us to help you. It’ll only take about 2 minutes of your time.


Your friends,

Dave and Aaron

“Marketing With Alex 3.0″ Bonus Package

April 9th, 2010

Hi A Well, by now we’re fairly sure that you’ll have been bombarded with emails from other marketers promoting Alex Jeffreys’ “Marketing With Alex 3.0″ coaching program.

Take a look at them though and you’ll see that most of them have the subject line “My Highest Recommendation.

Some of these guys are in such a hurry to make a buck by promoting “the next big thing” that they can’t take the time to create their own emails! Don’t be fooled … some of these marketers mail out for virtually every new product or site that hits the market.

It’s what we like to call “shotgun” marketing!

We, on the other hand are very selective in what we promote. To put it quite simply – we won’t promote a bunch of hyped up garbage to you just so that we can make a quick buck! If you’re not able to use it to make more money, then we won’t try to get you to buy it just so we can make more money.

Seriously. There are plenty of products we could promote each and every day but on the whole we don’t promote a lot of products from other marketers. That’s just the way we like to do things. We’ll only tell you about products that we KNOW will work for the majority of our subscribers.

So – if we DO tell you about a product or service, you can trust that it is one of the best there is out there.

PLUS, we also like to look after you with some sort of complimentary bonus when you purchase through us. The “Marketing With Alex 3.0″ Coaching program is no different.

Check out our bonus offer and grab your spot before Alex closes the doors for good.


How much would your life change if you could earn a few thousand dollars extra every month? You owe it to yourself to check this one out:


Have a fantastic weekend!

Your friends in success,
Dave and Aaron

P.S. You must order THROUGH US to qualify for the bonuses (Sorry – but if we are not credited with your sale, we cannot deliver on your bonus.)


Reserve Your Spot To This FREE Webinar – 1000 Spots Only

April 6th, 2010

After a bit of arm twisting, we’ve been able to get our good friend Alex Jeffreys to agree to running a totally free webinar. This ain’t just any webinar either.

Alex has made alot of his coaching students rich on the internet with his live webinars which usually cost thousands of dollars to attend…


for the first time ever he’s agreed to run a live webinar where he teaches the very same training, but instead of you paying thousands,

…You can watch it free.

But be quick… there’s only room for 1,000 people!

Please don’t leave it too late to register. If you miss the cutoff, unfortunately there is nothing we’ll be able to do.

Grab it now because it won’t be available for free for much longer and you’ll kick yourself for missing out.

Hey – it’s free… what have ya got to lose?


Your friends in success!

Dave and Aaron

8 Killer Resources To Spy On Your Competition

April 1st, 2010

In business, it certainly helps to know what your competition is doing. By keeping your eye on your competition, you can:

1) see what they are doing right and

2) see what they are doing, period.

Sun Tzu said that we should keep our friends close, but our enemies closer.  There are a number of nifty tools available to legally and ethically analyze your competitors’ websites, most of which are free. Knowledge can be your best ammunition against your competition and if you know what they are doing as well as what they are doing RIGHT, then half your battle is won.

1. Xinu Returns http://xinureturns.com

How well is your competitor’s site doing in search engines such as Google and Yahoo? How about in social bookmarking sites? You can find out this and other technical details with this handy tool. It will also compare your site to your top five competitors.

2. WayBackMachinehttp://www.archive.org/web/web.php

Want to see how your competitor’s site has evolved over time? Maybe you want to see what they changed (that maybe wasn’t working) and what remained the same (because it WAS working).
This tool will let you see how your competitor’s site has changed and evolved over time.

3. Websitegraderhttp://websitegrader.com

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could see how your competitor’s website scored in areas like SEO, traffic, social popularity and other pertinent areas? Websitegrader is a tool that can do that, even offering advice on how to improve the site in regards to its marketing ability.

4. Twittergraderhttp://twitter.grader.com

The cousin to Websitegrader, gives information on your competitors’ Twitter accounts.

5. Statbrainhttp://www.statbrain.com

This tool looks at a site’s Alexa Rank, backlinks and other factors to estimate the number of visitors to a site. While it does not access log files or information from hit counters, it can give you a rough estimate of what kind of traffic the site is seeing.

6. Google Alerts http://www.google.com/alerts

This is a must for your website as well as for keeping up with your competitors. You can set multiple searches for keywords related to your competitor, your competitor’s name, even key personnel within the company, then monitor their activity with alerts that come directly to your inbox.

7. SpyFuhttp://www.spyfu.com

This web based tool is golden. Enter any url into the search box and get a wealth of information. Find out their paid keywords, top ad competitors, organic keywords, top organic competitors and categories. It will also give you sub domains and other domains owned by that company.

8. Competehttp://searchanalytics.compete.com

This site will give you the keywords that a site is using as well as other analytical information. There are some really cool things that you can do with this tool to see just what your competition is doing in regards to keywords and SEO.

With all of these tools in your arsenal, you will soon know well your competitors and be able to rise above and forge ahead, pushing your own business to the forefront.

Your friends in success,

Dave and Aaron